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Including milestones, boundary markers, and the A34


Stone1 There were once many hundreds of milestones and mileposts in the county of Essex. Against all the odds, about half of them have survived through the centuries and are still to be found today. My milestone map attempts to plot all of them, and the lost ones too. Find out about the Essex milestone map.

Stone2 Berkshire is another county with a fine population of surviving mile markers. This map shows them and the location of lost markers within the 19th century boundaries of the county, long before the Vale of the White Horse became part of Oxfordshire. Find out about the Berkshire milestone map.

Stone3 There are two maps of Oxfordshire, showing mile markers at different times. The historical map shows the locations of surviving and lost mile markers within the 19th century boundaries of Oxfordshire (before it gained part of north Berkshire, which can be found in the Berkshire map). The second map shows the surviving markers, with their condition, in the larger modern county. Find out about the Oxfordshire milestone maps.

Marker Less well known than milestones, other distinctive markers were used to define the boundaries of some counties. Berkshire is one of these. The borders of the modern county with Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire were surveyed between 2006 and 2009. Find out about Berkshire boundary markers.

Marker Thanks to John Nicholls, the Milestone Society's Essex representative (working well away from home) we now know a lot more about the county boundary markers of Buckinghamshire as well. I've provided web space and drawn the map, but he's done all the real work. Find out about Buckinghamshire boundary markers.

Marker The Milestone Society has been investigating the history of the long-distance route linking the south coast at Southampton, via Oxford to Manchester, followed to a large extent by the original A34 road. In support of this, my itinerary maps cover the southern half, through Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, at different times in its history. Find out about the A34 route.

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