The Essex Milestone Map

Milestones and Mileposts Past and Present

Map Bit

Stone1 In the summer of 2003, I decided to compile a map of all Essex mile markers, surviving or lost, in a single sheet. One motivation for this came from John Nicholls's excellent Essex Milestones web site, which had shown me how many mile markers (stones or posts) survived into the twenty-first century. I was also aware of A.C.Edwards' map of the turnpike roads of Essex, but not of any comprehensive map of the markers themselves. Luckily, our generation is blessed with computers which make this kind of thing a practical, if time-consuming, proposition. I used a RISC OS computer, mainly with free software. This is the result.

Small Map

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There's also a lot more information about the map (how it was made and what it all means).

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